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We’re a close team of engineers, designers, and dreamers who have come together to introduce products that will change the world. Sourced straight from our imagination, we change what’s possible.  We take pride in delivering only the best.


Introducing Sim

Simplify everything with a flick of the wrist. Sim is powered by cutting-edge NFC tech and redefines what it means to be a smartwatch.

Sim combines classic craftsmanship (an aspect neglected in most smartwatch designs) with NFC technology to simplify your life. We made Sim Watch, because our alternatives aren’t enough…

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(1) Get Future-Proof! Technology is advancing fast. In other campaigns, by the time backers get their watches, the technology is dated. Sim is the future of information transfer (built into many phones already!), with thousands of new uses introduced every single day. Thus, Sim appreciates over time.  

(2) Distracting. You already have a phone that keeps you occupied. Do you really need another, less optimized one to distract you on your wrist? Sim Watch simplifies. We believe your phone and watch should be working together seamlessly, not fighting for your attention.

(3) Is this a toy? 
Many smart watches look cheap with plastic, toy-like components. Sim is based on 500 years of proven craftsmanship. 100% genuine leather, rose gold plating, and three embedded NFC transmitters.


Sim is designed to add solid, classic value to any outfit

For this project, we have partnered with a traditional watchmaker with over 15 years experience in crafting exceptional timepieces. All straps are genuine leather, and are available in either black or brown leather. 

Here are some of the specifications… 
(1) Stainless Steel Case Meet Rose Gold Plating
(2) 19.85mm Lug Width (Width of Genuine Leather Strap) 
(3) 38mm Face Width 
(4) 8 Size Notches Means an One-Size-Fits-All Solution 
(5) Japanese Quartz Movement 
(6) Scratch-Resistant Glass 
(7) 5 ATM Water-Resistance



How We’re Changing The Game

Endless possibilities, unleashed.

Never Touch Your Settings Again

Adjusting your settings has officially become a thing of the past. With Sim you can customize sound, screen, wifi settings for your home, office and car and more. Never fiddle with your settings again. With Sim, automate it once, sit back and relax. 

Stay Connected With The People Who Matter

 Send messages automatically to your family and loved ones when you leave work, tap your phone to give and get contact information instantly, and more ways to connect.   

Simple Is Sexy

 Sim looks as good as it feels. There are no plastic pieces that remind you of a child’s toy. Sim represents sophistication at its finest with the perks of a smartwatch.

Changing Smart, As We Know It

Sim connects your phone with your watch but unlike a regular smart phone, it’s designed with 500 years of craftsmanship. Take your style to a higher level. The design alone will turn heads. Then, wow them with hands-free control. 

Simplify everything, hands free

Take instant photos and video, tap to share your contact info, automatic calls and texts, save battery life, even unlock doors… all with a flick of the wrist. No charging, no updates, and no fuss–absolutely hands free. 

Press Play on Life

Don’t let the most important moments pass right by you because you need attend to your phone. Sim works for you to give you more time to spendon the things that matter. Use Sim and simplify everything.


You can preorder your very own Sim on Kickstarter.

 Interested in becoming a part of history?Click Here

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -

Sim: a Smart Watch to Simplify Everything

Explore some of the different facets of Sim.









Have you fallen in love yet with Sim?Preorder Here

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